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Drawing Caricatures for Weddings!

Caricature Parties all Weekend!

I drew caricatures Friday for the Boy Scouts,
Saturday for a wedding party, and Sunday for the Wexner New Albany Classic Fundraiser!  14 hours of drawing and 12 hours of driving!  I'm bushed!  More parties this upcoming weekend and some studio caricature work this week!  Yee Haw!

Caricature drawings for parties!!!

Drew caricatures all weekend! 
Four parties of sketching faces!  Wow! 
Drawing for birthday parties, to picnics to weddings! My arm is still hanging in there and I made a lot of folks happy!  Now they are all
out buying frames to hang their party
favors by Shelly!!!  

Caricatures for Birthday Parties!

I drew caricatures yesterday at
Marion's Pizza for a 16th Birthday Party!  The family was a lot of fun and loved their drawings!  They set me up in the middle
of the party and everyone watched
as their friends and family came to
life in a cartoon!!!  They loved the party favor!  The caricature were a huge hit as usual and I stayed busy
the entire time!  Hah!  

Drawing caricatures for the holiday parties!

I've been busy, busy, busy this holiday season drawing caricatures at parties!!!  Tis the Season! 

caricatures for weddings

wedding caricature painted for a gift in full color."Weddings, weddings, and more weddings!"
I've been drawing caricature wedding gifts "Guest Sign-In Boards" and also drawing hundreds of caricatures at wedding receptions this summer! 
 The brides are so happy when they see their guests
lining up at their wedding receptions for caricatures! 
It makes it all worth it!
Keeping me busy!
Shelly :)
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