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Cartoon drawings for kid parties


Was setting up outside at a park to draw
caricatures at a 5 year old's birthday party this weekend and a huge storm blew in!!!  It rained and thundered and the wind blew all the balloons away!!! We all got a little wet but it cleared up and there was a rainbow for all the kids to see!  Very cute!!! 

Caricature drawings at company picnic in Dayton, OH!

Drew caricatures at a company picnic this past weekend in Dayton!  Five hours of drawing and then it poured down rain the last hour!!!  Was soaking wet!  What a day! To book for caricatures at your next party... Check out Shelly's site at:


I was drawing caricatures all day at a company picnic in Middletown yesterday!  Great group of folks!  Weather held out (thank God)!!! Drew a lot families and I think I'll see some more work out of it!  Love that!!! 

entertainment for your summer party!

Been a busy summer drawing caricatures!  Little time off!  lol! This is the party season! If Im not drawing at weddings, I'm drawing caricatures at reunions, picnics and festivals! My referrals are wonderful!  One party leads to the next.  Love a happy customer :)

Drawing caricatures for parties!

Drawing caricatures at a ribbon cutting in Miami Valley Mall today!  Everyone had a great time with the sketches!! Tomorrow night I will be drawing at a school spring function, Saturday I will be drawing at Bowling Green State University and Sunday in Columbus for a birthday party!!!!  Busy, Busy!!!

Drawing caricatures

Drawing caricature pictures at school functions all week!  Keeping me busy drawing!

Caricature Drawing for Assited Livings

Drawing caricatures at Assited Livings again!  Keeps me busy this time of year!!

Caricatures drawings

Drawing caricatures in Cincinnati this past weekend at a nursing home!  The residents were excited about the full moon this Sunday!  Kept me drawing sketches for  over 4 hours! What a work out! 

Caricatures for Festivals & Block Parties

Now filling summer calendar with block parties & festivals to draw caricatures of your family & friends at no cost to you!!! Book Shelly for your next event...

Caricature drawings for Assisted Livings

Drawing caricatures at assisted livings this month! March is here!  Time for spring :)
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