Caricature Artists For Parties! - Dayton, Cincinnati, Columbus Ohio & More!

Shelly drawing caricature
If you would like to book Shelly for
your party or you're interested in a
caricature or portrait gift, please call or email us and we'll be in touch right away!  Shelly's calendar fills quickly
for caricature parties so please
allow plenty of notice!
Serving Dayton, Cincinnati, Columbus OH.  Muncie, Richmond, Indianapolis
Indiana, Kentucky and surrounding locations!
Prices Listed Below 
"All giggles, smirks, and laughs are free of charge!"
(Will Travel to Almost Anywhere!!!) 
Artist Provides Onsite:
*  12 to 15 b/w heads per hour
    (1 person every 3 to 5 minutes)
        Example in picture above.  2 people maximum per drawing.
11 X 14 professional drawing paper
FREE clear plastic bags to protect art
*   Dayton -  $110.00 per/hr (2 hour minimum)
  Greenville (30 miles or less)-  $90.00 per/hr
         (2 hour minimum)          
*   Cincy, Indy, Columbus
      $125.00 per/hr (3 hours or more)
      $150.00 per/hr (2 hours)
*   Weddings- $150.00 per/hr
Client Provides:  Two Chairs & Outlet!!!
How It All Works...
Takes artist 5 minutes to set up and break down!
Shelly sets with her back to your guests so that they
can crowd around & watch the drawings come to life! They form a line behind artist & wait next to be drawn. Shelly bags the drawing when finished & next guest takes a seat & so on!!! It's easy, fun to watch, & entertaining for both kids & adults!  It gives your guests something
super unique to take home & cherish forever!
(Client pays artist hourly fee at event & it's free for their guests!!!)
Acrylics in full color
*  Painted on professional illustration
*  Faces painted in portrait style with  
   funny cartoon bodies! (color examples throughout site)
*  Size-  11 X 14
*  Price-  $110.00 per full body person
   Discounts apply for two or more caricatures in one illustration!!!
*  UPS Shipping Fee-  $25.00
Pick your own theme for your caricature!  
Examples: fishing, beach, golfing, cooking, sports 
& so much more...
Logos are an additional $25.00
How It All Works... 
Client provides emailed photo of face for caricature at: Must be indoor photo, clear, large and in JPEG Format.  Client must provide the theme to be included in the caricature. The artist can personalize (within resonable limits) clothing, colors, jewelry etc.  If extras need to be added to the caricature that may take
considerable more time (logos, etc) there will
be an add-on fee.
Once the client and artist have come to an
agreement on the details of project & photos to work with, it will take the artist 48 to 72 hours to complete! Yipee!
(All Projects Are Ready For Framing When Shipped) 
pilot caricature illustration in full color.
Full face photo to draw caricature gift from.
(Caricature Samples from Photos)
full color caricature of DJ.
(Caricature Samples from Photos)
Photo of woman to use for a caricature drawing.
Serving Dayton, Cincinnati, Columbus OH.  Muncie, Richmond, Indianapolis
 Indiana, Kentucky and surrounding locations!
"Thank you for your business!"
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