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Caricatures Are

Drawing A Crowd!

"25 Years of Professionally Drawing Funny Faces for all Kinds of Events & Parties in Dayton, Cincinnati, Columbus Ohio & Surrounding Areas!"

Caricatures By Shelly

Hourly Rates: $90.00 - $150.00

BOOK Ohio's most talented caricature

artist to draw cartoons

of your guests & add tons 

of FUN to

your next event! 

 Serving Dayton, Columbus

& Cincinnati, Ohio, Northern Kentucky,

Indianapolis, Indiana & more!!!

SHELLY is a full time caricature artist who

has drawn nationwide for over 25 years!

Her caricature drawings are funny but... "flattering" sketches that

are worthy of framing!

"She's drawn caricatures for TV reporter

Brit Hume of Fox News, Alonzo Mourning of Miami Heat, singer Scott Stapp of the band Creed to actresses such as Jaime Pressly of Mom! And the list goes on!"

Caricatures are fun for weddings, picnics, birthdays, and more!

Shelly Flory draws caricatures!




"Make your party an event to remember

with Shelly's 3 minute caricature drawings & turn your guest's frowns upside down!"

You can BOOK this

talented caricature artist

to draw funny cartoons of your guests! Caricature sketches are fun for kids & adults alike! Bring out

your inner kid!!!


Professional, & Fast!

Caricatures By

Shelly Flory

CALL @ 937-417-3194


"Calendar Fills Quickly For Live

Party Caricatures So HURRY To Reserve

Your Party Date Today!!!"

Shelly graduated from 

Columbus College of Art & 

Design with a bachelors 

degree in illustration. She has 

traveled & lived all over the 

U.S. drawing caricatures

wherever she went!

She specializes in drawing

her clients with an accurate 

likenesses that is kind, 

flattering & realistic! 

These caricature/portrait styles of drawings

are not the typical amusement park

caricatures that you're use to seeing! 

As a professional caricature artist, Shelly's goal is to draw your caricature so that you

will feel good about yourself & have fun doing it!!!

"Click Here"

To See Shelly's 3

Minute B/W Caricature Drawings!

Studio Caricature Samples

(size) 11 X 14 or 16 X 20

"I don't like to exaggerate 

my client's features but rather 

bring out their inner self in my 

drawings! That's what

separates me from the

other caricaturists!"

Full Color Studio Caricature Sample

( on Images to Enlarge)

"Shelly-You are simply amazing-

I received the picture yesterday, & opened it this morning. It

couldn’t be more perfect- you are VERY talented. Anytime you need

a referral, let me know! I'll be sending pics of my kids to do for

their b-days!" Thank you, Joelle Roseborough

Caricatures are fun for weddings, proms, 

picnics, reunions, corporate, grad parties, 

birthdays, holidays, Mitzvahs,

fundraisers, trade shows, grand openings,

assisted/nursing livings & more! 

(Full Color Studio Caricature Sample)

For Pricing, Party Booking

& Caricature Gifts...

Email us at with

your party or caricature gift information

and we'll be in touch!

"We are ecstactic...

with the work Shelly did for

us for our parents 50th anniversary gift. She made the process easy and the personal service was fantastic. Shelly communicated through the whole process & was very helpful with ideas that went into the work. Would highly recommend her for any gifts you are considering for your family & friends."

Steven Leonhard

"Hi Shelly, I wanted you

to know the Fr. Bennett illustration for our St. Charles School was well received. It sat in the development office all week and I was there several days. Teachers came in & lovedit! Everyone on the staff had wonderful complements. It sold during the live auction portion of the evening. Opening bid by the auctioneer was $1,000 and it eventually sold for $2,500!! It was the highest live auction bid for the evening! The principal was pleased & thanked us.

There was a lot of conversation about the artwork & you received many compliments. I will tell others about your talent when they are looking for a unique gift, talented artist & a wonderful person to collaborate with." McCorkle Medical Legal Associates,LLC

Caricature Drawings... make great

fun for party favors !  

It's entertaining & exciting to watch the

cartoon come to life as the caricature artist quickly sketches a funny resemblance of the person sitting in front of them! 

"Caricatures are a BIG hit at weddings!"

Your guests will love you when they take

home a personal drawing from your wedding!


Shelly has an Associates & Bachelors Degree in Illustration &

has professionaly drawn caricatures full time for 17 years in

Washington DC, Baltimore, MD, Denver, CO, Miami & Ft. Lauderdale, FL, Charleston, WV, Charleston, SC, Charlotte, NC, Indianapolis, IN and the entire Ohio Valley! Just to name a few of her personal clients over the years: Alonzo Mourning of Miami Heat, Jason Taylor of Miami Dolphins, Washington Redskins, Britt Hume of Fox News, Carmen Electra,

Jamie Presely of My Name is Earl, Creed (band),

Congressmen & Senators on Capital Hill. 

"My clients happiness is of the upmost importance to me.

98% of my business is based on referrals!"

References available upon request!

Caricatures By Shelly Flory




Sample Full Color Caricature Gift

3 to 5 minute black & white head drawings

Artist provides FREE clear bags to protect art, black professional markers, easel & lights

Smiles, Giggles & Smirks are FREE!

Just 5 minutes to set up and break down

Click Here

for Detailed Pricing Info

$85.00-$110.00 Per Hour

Traveling fees may apply... Beep, beep!

Serving Dayton, Cincinnati, Columbus OH. Muncie, Richmond, Indianapolis Indiana, Kentucky and more.

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Ohio Caricature Artists, Cleveland, Dayton, Cincinnati, Columbus, Ohio Ohio Caricature Artists, Cleveland,

Dayton, Cincinnati, Columbus, Ohio and Indiana entertainment, entertainers, entertainers, entertainmentShelly Flory is a professional caricature artist with over 16 years of top-notch experience with caricature gifts and live caricature entertainment . caricature gifts, caricture art gifts, caricature gifts, caricature art giftsShelly Flory is a professional caricature artist with over 16 years of top-notch experience with caricature gifts and live caricature entertainment . caricature gifts, caricature art gifts, caricature gifts, caricature art giftsYou too, can book this Ohio's caricature artist today to draw an accurate & funny sketch in less than 3 quick minutes of you and your guests! You too, can book this Ohio's caricature artist today to draw an accurate & funny sketch in less than 3 quick minutes of you and your guests! caricature, cartoon, carichature,charicature,charicter,karicter," style='color:#FFFDEC;font-size:10px;text-decoration:none;' title="Parties" id="mpp_badge_113_11/13/2009_796574" >Parties"

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